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SBSB Lifestyle

Healthy Eating

Here at SBSB we believe that a child's health is critical and can enhance their learning. We provide a food program that consists of primarliy healthy food, and we do not serve processed meats. We follow all guidelines set forth by the State of Florida Food and Nutrition Association.

Living Green

So Big So Bright is active with the More (Modular Organic Regenerative Environments)Foundation Group-Kids obtaining a Certificate of Carbon Offset. SBSB zeroed-out One Hundred (100) Tons of Carbon by donating One Hundred (100) Pounds of Children's Clothing. By reducing landfill waste, these clothes empower women with mico-loans, lifting families out of poverty and positively impacting climate change.

Giving Back

Nothing is more important to us than our children and their health so for those kids less fortunate, we like to help out in any way we can. So Big So Bright gives $50 every month to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital to help find cures and save children. St. Jude founder Danny Thomas believed that "no child should die in the dawn of life," and with our help, we get closer to the day when every precious life can be saved.

Active Lifestyle

We feel it is important for children to be active and engaged. With this, we have offered both a gymnastics program and a martial arts program at the school, during school hours. We feel this gives children a sense of confidence and an aspect of belonging which will enhance their learning environment.

Essential Oils

We believe in the science of using essential oils. We feel they are a more natural way to heal, soothe, or alleviate many common everyday ailments. We use oil diffusers with lavender or peppermint to help calm our students during rest periods.

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